Whether you’re using Twitter or Instagram, hashtags have become an integral part of using those platforms. The hashtags you choose for each post will help it reach its intended audience. Using hashtags is simple enough, but how can you make sure you’re using them the best way?

How many Hashtags should you use?
This depends on the platform. Due to Twitter’s character limit, you will only want to add a minimal amount of hashtags to a post; no one wants to see a Tweet with almost every word as a hashtag.

When you are using Instagram, however, you can really go to town on hashtags. Some people dedicate a whole comment to hashtags on their posts. And just because you can put as many hashtags as you want on an Instagram post, doesn’t mean you should. Try to keep them concise and short, you don’t want to bore the people reading your posts.

Keep it relevant
Everyone hates spam, right? Filling up your caption on Instagram with irrelevant and unnecessary hashtags will only deter people away. You may think you’re getting your post out to more people, but by hashtagging ‘cats’ on your post about your business offers is only going to annoy people.

Finding the right hashtags
The easiest way to find out what hashtags to use is to see what other people are using. You can find online tools that do this but it’s easier just to get on Instagram or Twitter and check out posts yourself. Once you have figured out what hashtags other people have used on their posts, you will probably have a good idea what you should have on yours.

Should you use hashtags?
If you want your posts to reach more people, yes. People will search a relevant hashtag for other posts, so putting a couple on your post means you’ll be easier to find than through chance.

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We’ve all seen examples of bad online marketing. Despite the existence of companies like Optimia, offering quality SEO writing and web building services, there are still businesses which bombard customers with spam emails or have websites which are nearly impossible to read.

So, how can your business attract customers without putting them off?

Be engaging

Badly written web copy is a sure way to lose potential customers. In fact, without proper attention to search engine optimisation, they may never find you to begin with – research has shown repeatedly that most people never view beyond the first page of search engine results. If your site is not in the top ten results, it is unlikely to attract many hits. Choose a professional SEO service, which specialises in writing creative copy with well-researched keywords sure to direct people to you.

Be attractive

If well-written SEO content brings people to your site, then looking good keeps them there. If your appearance is unprofessional, customers will assume your business is too. A good logo and a website which is pleasant to look at, with images and a clear layout, will inspire customers with confidence.

Be unique

Paying attention to your SEO ratings means identifying what is unique about your business. For example, if you sell clothes, using ‘clothes’ as a keyword would be unhelpful – it is too non-specific and open to far too much competition. Using ‘dressmakers Liverpool’, however, will bring you customers in the correct area looking for your own services. A good copywriter will research the best terms for your site.

Your customers do not want to be bombarded with messages. They want to be able to find you and to easily see how you can help them. This is why SEO services are so essential to modern marketing.

You’re a Liverpool company. You want people in Liverpool to find your website, so they can see you offer the best services for them. What is the best way to do this?

Looking good

Looks matter with online marketing. A badly designed website which is hard to navigate and looks boring is going to put people off. However, a neat design, an attractive logo and a layout which is easy to read will fill potential customers with confidence. Pay attention to spelling and grammar as well – you want people to know you’re the most professional in Liverpool.

Word it right

Using the correct search engine optimisation can hugely increase hits to your website, and make sure the right people are looking. SEO looks at the key words which people search to find businesses like yours, and uses them to ensure you’re near the top of the search engine ratings. It needs to be specific – if your business is in Liverpool, you want local people to be able to find it.

Let them find you

Making sure the address of your company is prominently placed on your website will allow customers to easily see that they’ve found a local Liverpool business that can help them. Adding a map can make it even easier to see where you are placed. Online marketing may make advertising global, but your business is still local.

Be everywhere

You’ve got a good website, which is well designed, looks great, and is written to the best standards of SEO. What next? Well, online marketing is not just about your site itself. Social media and tools such as marketing landing pages which link back to your site are important to boost SEO ratings and reach more people in Liverpool.

You know your business offers the best services in Liverpool, and you’ve got the website to prove it. It’s written to SEO standards so people can easily find you through search engines, and the spelling and grammar is perfect. The site looks great, is easy to navigate, and is generally a success.

Where do you go from here in your online marketing? Well, marketing landing pages can help bring in even more hits to your website, and make sure you reach even more people in Liverpool.

A marketing landing page is an SEO written web page which attracts the right customers from their search terms, and links them to your website. They are specific, for example targeting Liverpool customers to your local business.

Landing pages can also direct customers to specific offers or services – individual pages on your site rather than the home page. Customers may not spend the time to look through your website themselves, but may be more likely to take up your services if taken directly the one they want. Search engine optimisation can be even more specific for landing pages than for your site itself, ensuring customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Analysing the data from marketing landing pages can be useful for collecting information about the types of visitors to your site. This can help you further improve it, and attract that kind of customers you want. For example, you can see which SEO key words work best, and re-write your site based on what works.

Online marketing is one of the most important aspects of advertising for businesses today, and marketing landing pages are an important part of that. To improve your SEO ratings and bring more customers to your Liverpool business, it’s worth investing in them.

In the past, when people wanted a particular service, they might look in the Yellow Pages or ask a friend. Advertising options for businesses were, therefore, more hit and miss – how could you be sure what potential customers would look at? Things are simpler today. The first place people turn is most likely to be Google, even if they’re looking for their local Liverpool companies. That’s where search engine optimisation comes in.

Bringing people in

70% of traffic to web pages comes from search engines. A well-written website which uses the right keywords to feature prominently in searches is one of the best ways of bringing customers to your company. Using search engine optimisation will make your company easier to find. Other aspects of SEO include marketing landing pages and social media shares, all of which help ensure that your message is out there in Liverpool and beyond.

Making them stay

A badly written website which does not use search engine optimisation may not even attract hits since it will be hard to find. Even if it does, poor spelling and grammar or hard to follow paragraphs which do not get to the point quickly enough can put people off. Online marketing means making sure your website is precise, on message, and easy to find so that customers can have no doubt that you offer the best service in Liverpool.

Analysing data

A good SEO service will look at the specific requirements of your business to ensure the best keywords are selected for search engine optimisation which will bring the maximum number of hits to your site. But the work doesn’t end there – analysing your competitors and monitoring rankings to ensure your exposure is the best it can be are also important services.

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