With any business comes reviews, and theyre not always going to be positive. Reviewing businesses online is so easy nowadays, even more so now you can post directly onto businesses social media accounts. Because of how public this is it can be a little daunting for someone who has to reply. So here are a few tips for responding to negative reviews.

First things first, ignoring negative reviews or comments is not going to make them go away. If you ignore them, youre ignoring them publicly and people will be able to see that you only replying to positive reviews. This could seem like you dont care about your customers or their opinions. Make an effort to respond to every negative review or comment you get. Responding alone isnt enough; you have to respond as soon as if you want to give off a good impression. If it takes you more than a day to respond to a review, youre coming across as negligent.

When replying its easy to just acknowledge the review, but actually trying to fix the problem would be better. Do everything you can to fix the problem yourself. If you cant, then redirect your customer to another member of your team who will definitely be able to help. Again, showing your customers that you are a company that cares. Doing whatever you can in order to increase customer satisfaction should be a priority.

Negative reviews arent just people bashing your business. Theyre usually genuine customers expressing concerns or bringing up issues, so you should listen to them. Reviews, both good and bad, are a great way to see what you’re doing right within your business. Theyre an even better way to see what you’re doing wrong. If you listen to your customers concerns and address them, you’ll be bound to get more positive reviews in the future. You are there to provide a service to your customers and if they arent happy, you should be doing everything you can to change that.

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Having a social media presence is a necessity these days, especially for businesses, however it can be a little overwhelming. If you want to make sure youre doing everything properly, you should come up with a social media content plan. A social media content plan should answer 5 questions.

What do I want from my social media presence?
Knowing what you want will help you gauge your success and give you something to work for. Use SMART goals to help come up with simple and realistic goals for social media content plan. Smart goals are; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time related. For example you might want to aim to post 3-4 times a day, getting 30 likes on a post and 10 new followers a week. This goal gives you clear aims, constricted by a time frame and with something you can measure. They’re also attainable. You can’t give yourself the goal of 1000 new followers a day, when you know you’re a relatively small account; it’s just completely unrealistic.

Who is your target audience?
If youre a company that sells mobility products for the elderly, youre not going to include obscure slang and memes in your content, because your target audience wouldnt understand it. When putting together your social media content plan, you want to know who youre tailoring your content to and make sure its going to be exciting and enjoyable to whoever your audience is.

What content are you going to post (and where)?
This question kind of has two parts. To know what content youll be posting, youll need to know what platform youll be using. If you are posting primarily on Facebook and Instagram, youll need two different types of content. Planning this ahead of time means you can start putting together some posts for scheduling and even prepare seasonal specific content. Scheduling posts so you know youll have a regular social media presence no matter how busy you get.  

Who will be creating the content?
Once you have figured out the platforms youll be using and are coming up with ideas for social media content, you will need to know who is going to be creating said content. For an Instagram account, youll be posting photographs or graphics, so who is going to be creating that? Will it be a hired photographer or just employee with a decent phone camera? It doesnt matter, as long as they know they need to be creating the content.

How often are you going to post?
You can post content as frequently as you want but if you are trying to reach certain goals, its probably good you have some idea of how many times a week you will be posting. Depending on the platform, you can post a few times a day or even a few times a week. If you were using Twitter, rarely posting wouldnt be suitable to the platform. Since you have picked your preferred platforms, you will know how often you should be posting. Come up with an amount and try to stick to it. If you feel like you need to post more or less after a while, adjust your content plan.

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Today, if your business isn’t on social media then you’re doing it wrong. Social media is so important in keeping your businesses head above water, as social media marketing is an expanding network of opportunities.

Having social media for your business can help you give your business a personality. However, this isn’t branding. Social media accounts, especially Twitter, have been vital in raising business awareness. Engaging with customers in a relaxed way is becoming a very popular social media marketing strategy.

Connect more
Social media marketing means you can reach a larger audience. If you’re promoting a blog post, offer or product online, people can share your content with their friends. On some social media platforms, you’re also able to see what people are liking, meaning people have access to more content they’re not subscribing to. Growing your audience has never been easier, thanks to social media.

Since you are online, there is a massive reduction in costs (unless you’re using online advertising, but that’s a conversation for another time). The main thing you may be spending money on is promoting your posts, a social media management tool or even an outsourced social media marketer.

Mobile users
Social media marketing is even easier with the help of mobile phones. Since mobiles have been around, people are almost always reachable. We can always keep up with social media, which means social media marketing can reach people on more occasions. This accessibility gives social media marketers an edge traditional marketing doesn’t have.

Analytics and tracking
When using social media, you have analytics information at your fingertips. You have data telling you what parts of your social media is doing well, and what isn’t. You can use this data to help you change and improve your social media strategy if it’s needed. Having access to this data is useful for putting together reports and predicting what future projects will work.

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With todays ever developing mobile technology and advancing social media apps, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of the mass of advertising opportunities available. Since its conception, Facebook has been connecting people all over the world, and now people are using it to connect businesses and their customers.

There are many online advertising avenues to go down but Facebook Advertising is one of the better options. Its easy, cheap and most importantly, its effective. With Facebooks huge user base, you can be pretty sure that your audience is there. Facebook accounts for up to 15.8% of total time spent on the Internet, so the advertising potential is ridiculous.

Thanks to remarketing, you can guarantee that people will be seeing your ads. Remarketing means that your ads are being shown to people who are already interested in your products or services, which we know because chances are they have already visited your website. We use a web pixel in order to track data from customers who have visited your website and store it in a custom audience.

Facebook has incredibly specific targeting tools, so you can pick exactly the person you want to target your ad towards and I mean very specific. Using this tool you can pick an audience who are reaching certain life events or even friends with people reaching these life events.

Mobile Users
Is there anything better than being able to reach people when theyre on the go? By targeting mobile users, you open up a world of possibilities. There are 1.74 billion mobile active users on Facebook, which means that getting your ads to more people whenever you want has never been easier.  

Facebook Analytics
When using Facebook Advertising, you wont have to worry about navigating a difficult system to find all the relevant data about your ads. Facebook has an easy to use interface, which spells out all the data for you, so you can understand even if you arent the most analytical.

Facebook’s Pixel
If you really want to make the most of Facebook Advertising, you have to use Facebook’s tracking Pixel. With Facebook’s Pixel, you can make the most of Facebooks advertising, with the benefits of remarketing and conversion tracking. Using the Pixel means you can determine whats wrong with your ad, say youre getting ad clicks, but no conversions. You can determine that your ad is intriguing enough, but maybe your offer or landing page isnt.

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