Whether you’re using Twitter or Instagram, hashtags have become an integral part of using those platforms. The hashtags you choose for each post will help it reach its intended audience. Using hashtags is simple enough, but how can you make sure you’re using them the best way?

How many Hashtags should you use?
This depends on the platform. Due to Twitter’s character limit, you will only want to add a minimal amount of hashtags to a post; no one wants to see a Tweet with almost every word as a hashtag.

When you are using Instagram, however, you can really go to town on hashtags. Some people dedicate a whole comment to hashtags on their posts. And just because you can put as many hashtags as you want on an Instagram post, doesn’t mean you should. Try to keep them concise and short, you don’t want to bore the people reading your posts.

Keep it relevant
Everyone hates spam, right? Filling up your caption on Instagram with irrelevant and unnecessary hashtags will only deter people away. You may think you’re getting your post out to more people, but by hashtagging ‘cats’ on your post about your business offers is only going to annoy people.

Finding the right hashtags
The easiest way to find out what hashtags to use is to see what other people are using. You can find online tools that do this but it’s easier just to get on Instagram or Twitter and check out posts yourself. Once you have figured out what hashtags other people have used on their posts, you will probably have a good idea what you should have on yours.

Should you use hashtags?
If you want your posts to reach more people, yes. People will search a relevant hashtag for other posts, so putting a couple on your post means you’ll be easier to find than through chance.

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